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General Psychology Crossword Puzzle

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General Psychology

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Across Down
7 ___________environment consists of the fluids that surrounds the cell and influence their growth and development.
11 ______________ refers to the process by which organisms grow and change over the course of their lives.
12 The term _________ adequately describes most two years old who will often fall down when they try to go somewhere in a hurry.
13 _____________ is generally considered the highest form of scientific method.
14 ________________ are the carriers of hereditary traits.
15 ______________ is the union of the egg and sperm cell.
17 _____________those stimuli acting within the individual.
19 Psychology is the science of _______________________.
20 That only thing that is constant is _________ at each major phase of life.
21 Transmission of traits from parents to offsprings.____________________
22 The founder of psycho analysis is ______________________.
1 The period from fertilization to the second week of pregnancy is___________.
2 The branch of psychology that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of mental deficiency and disorders is ______________.
3 Three to six year old is known as _____________.
4 To the philosophers, psychology is the study of the ____________.
5 William Wundt thought of that psychology can be considered a science if it will deal more on _______________ rather than ______________.
6 ______________ is a rapid acceleration in height and weight.
8 These are called XY zygote. _______________
9 Old people become more eccentric and egocentric due to _______________.
10 These are called XX zygote. _______________
16 _____________twins have exactly the same pattern since they come from a single zygote.
18 ____________ refers to the first two years of life.
23 The _______, method acquires direct information on behavior through questionnaires, opinion polls, census and ratings.
24 The _________________ analyzes experience by configuration, whole pattern.
25 __________________ traits that appear to be more pronounced and frequent.
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