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Geography OF Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

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Geography of Ancient Greece

            14 15                  
Across Down
2 Island just south of the Peloponnesus where the Greek civilization first began to develop
5 the name of the peninsula of southern Greece
6 a city that operates like a tiny independent country
7 land that has water on three sides
9 a series of chain of islands that are closely grouped
10 the western half of the Eurasia continent which features countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain
11 the body of water which the Greek civilization surrounded
12 body of water between Greece and Asia Minor
14 lands that are modern day Turkey, the cross road between Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia
1 the most famous Greek city-stat, where democracy was created and promoted the ideas of studying
3 a powerful Empire in western Asia based out of modern day Iran
4 the massive body of water that separates Europe and Africa
8 an area under the full or partial political control of another country
13 located in southeastern Europe, Greece because the first 'western' culture based around philosophies similar to the US
15 a powerful city-state located on the Peloponnesus where everything was centered upon service of the state through military service
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