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God The Son Crossword Puzzle

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God the Son

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4 Throughout the different gospels the historical details are not always the same but this does not change the _____________ truth.
5 Disciples were followers of Jesus and you are called to be a _____________ as well.
6 The Bible has everything that we need to know for our __________________.
7 To remind us of the great sacrifice that God made through his Son, many Catholics display a _________________.
9 ______________ is everywhere and with everyone for all of time.
10 We must ______ in the Resurrection and Incarnation, because they go hand in hand.
11 The Immaculate Conception is the belief that Mary was ______________ without ___________.
12 ____________ means anointed one in Greek and is not Jesus’ last name.
13 Believing that Jesus is fully human and fully God is called ____________________________.
18 In the New _____Christ is used over 400 times.
19 In the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 5-7, we find the __________ on the Mount.
20 The _________ gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
21 When you hear “Kingdom of God” we are not referencing a specific ___________ or time.
22 How do you get to the Kingdom of God? ________your sins.
23 Due to the fact the Jesus was fully man he still ________________ and was not without the human feelings that everyone feels today.
1 We know that Jesus had power over everything through _________________.
2 The passion, death, and resurrection is referred to as the ____________ Mystery.
3 The Gospels were inspired by the Holy ______________.
4 Through the Life, Death and ____________ of Christ we have an opportunity to share in eternal life with God.
8 The four categories that Jesus’ miracles are grouped in are: Physical ___________, exorcisms, nature, bringing dead back to life.
14 This year we received Archbishop Samuel Aquila and he is a successor of the _______________.
15 _____________ is a Greek word that means “Mother of God.”
16 What day is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception? ________8th
17 In the Bible we hear a lot of stories, but we refer to them as ___________.
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