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Government Crossword Puzzle

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Figure out the term described in the statement to complete the puzzle.

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Across Down
7 set up by private groups to achieve goals that affect many nations
10 nations that are just beginning to developing industrially
11 power of gov't is divided between the national and state gov't
12 the idea that certain people are chosen by god to rule
14 huge companies with offices and factories in many countries
15 the state evolved from the family
16 nations must depend on one another, economically and politically
17 gives all powers to the central gov't
19 the state has supreme and absolute authority within its boundaries
20 to create a gov't an agreement is made between the ruler and the ruled
1 The institution through which a state maintains social order
2 wrote that 'man is a political animal'
3 believed if gov't didn't preserve rights, people had the right to rebell and change gov't
4 a sizable group of people who believe themselves united by common characteristics
5 nations with larger industries and advanced technologies that provide a comfortable way of life
6 a political community in a precise territory
8 governments make and maintain law without approval from any other authority
9 effort to control or influence the conduct and policies of gov't
11 the state exists to join forces to resist a common enemy
13 to change
18 the rules for gov't, or how the gov't is organized
21 agreement among a group or groups
22 believed people gave up some rights in exchange for order and security
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