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Halloween Movies Crossword Puzzle

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Halloween Movies

Use the hints to solve the crossword puzzle

                                          2   3                
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                          22         23                          
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Across Down
1 Halloween takes place primarily in this state
3 Name of the motel in Psycho
7 This is the name of the hotel in The Shining
9 'Ghostface' is the villian in this 1996 film
10 This character wears a hockey mask that hides his disfigured face
11 Double Double ____ ___ _______
12 The killer in Friday the 13th
14 Obsessed with Christmas in The Nightmare Before Christmas
16 It's the ______ _________, Charlie Brown!
17 Hotel ride at Disney World
18 The villlian in Nightmare on Elm Street
20 Disney channel movie with a character named Grandma Aggie
21 Who you gonna call?
24 Dr. Victor ____________
27 Gomez and Morticia Addams' daughter
28 Something ______ this way comes
1 Protagonist of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
2 The 1922 German vampire movie
4 The leader and eldest Sanderson sister from Hocus Pocus
5 The film in which the main character is a doll named 'Chucky'
6 The most famous vampire from Trannsylvania
8 He's a friendly ghost
11 Disney film starring Eddie Murphy and based on a ride at Disney World
13 Tim Burton's ______ Bride
15 The villian in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
19 Name of the clown from Stephen King's IT
22 You are not supposed to say his name three times
23 The killer in the Halloween movies
25 The director of the 2007 Halloween remake
26 The name of the little girl in The Ring
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