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Happy Thanksgiving! Crossword Puzzle

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Happy Thanksgiving!

                            1   2                    
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Across Down
4 This is the ship that brought the Pilgrims to the New World
5 These folks left England for the New World seeking religious freedom
7 Coffee and ______comes after dinner
8 The people we argue with at the Thanksgiving dinner table
9 Common dessert on Thanksgiving
11 A symbol of abundance and nourishment
12 This goes great with some butter
13 A delicious side to any Thanksgiving meal
15 I usually take one of these after eating too much turkey
16 Before states, America consisted of _____
18 The time of year when Thanksgiving occurs or what happens if you trip over your shoe laces
19 A side dish for Thanksgiving dinner or a high-speed racquet sport
21 A large meal, typically one in celebration of something
22 Gathering mature crops from a field
23 The Native American term for corn
24 This goes great on turkey, potatoes, and just about anything else
1 Many people prefer this food mashed. How could Dan Quayle not spell this word?
2 The call of a male turkey or a way to eat your food
3 People who were here long before the Pilgrims (and Christopher Columbus!)
6 A side dish for many Thanksgiving dinners; similar to a sweet potato
8 What many people are watching on Thanksgiving
10 People other than family we are grateful for
14 The place where the Pilgrims landed
16 Some folks enjoy this on the cob
17 This goes inside the turkey and is a great side dish
20 The most common main course on Thanksgiving
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