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Health And Wellness Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Health and Wellness

      L   E               W                      
D I E T   I       T   A   E   A                  
      U   G       H   P   I   L   H              
      R   H       R   P   G   C   E   S          
    M E N T A L H E A L T H   O   A   E          
    E         I   E   E   T   H   L   A          
    D         F               O   T   T          
    I     O V E R A L L H E A L T H   B          
    A         E                       E          
              X                       L          
              P H Y S I C A L H E A L T H        
              E                         E        
          S O C I A L H E A L T H       R        
              T                         E        
          Q U A L I T Y O F L I F E     D R U G S
              N                   X     I        
        B R O C C O L I     W A T E R   T        
              Y                   R     Y        
                                  S M O K I N G  
Across Down
4 eating proper foods and proper amounts of food
10 ability to handle the problems and pressures of daily living
12 well being of body, mind, and relationships
13 bodys ability to meet the demands of daily living
15 ability to get along well with other people
16 overall satisfaction from life
18 you should not get these illegally
19 example of a healthy vegetable
20 what you should drink a lot of
21 this can cause lung cancer
1 beliefs and behavior shared by a group of people
2 about how many hours of sleep you should get
3 you should maintain a healthy _____
5 the minimum number of how many times a week you should exercise
6 example of a healthy fruit
7 this is a liquid drug that can cause car accidents
8 no sickness
9 what you should wear while riding in a car
10 forms of communication that provide forms of entertainment
11 number of years you can expect to live
14 genetic traits passed from parents to children
17 physical activity that leads to heaslthiness
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