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Healthy Hearing Crossword Puzzle

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Healthy Hearing

                              1             2              
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Across Down
3 forms the external ear structure and is of importance in shape, size and location
8 explanation of health care offer in a written format
9 what is the cable name that requires calibration every twelve months
11 this is a possible source of interference from the baby's body
13 ideally the baby should be in the state to proceed with the hearing screen
15 this virus is the most common infective cause of hearing loss in newborns
16 parental choice to say no thanks
17 syndrome is associated with requirement for an early audiological assessment
18 type of permanent hearing loss involving the hearing nerve
19 this is the preferred intervention when a baby is unsettled during screening
21 unexpected reversal of hearing screening results requires a repeat screen
22 ongoing hearing assessment and monitoring following risk factor identification
23 qualified health professional who performs hearing screens in Queensland
24 term for mechanical breathing assistance for the neonate
25 legal requirement following health care ocassion of service or interaction
26 is a guide to normal key developmental timeframes and achievements
28 anomaly in this area would require an early target surveillance appointment
29 assessment tool to guide annual assessment of screener practical skill set
31 health provdier qualified to assess hearing levels
34 a covering over the baby's ears in order to deliver soft clicking sounds
35 what is the colour at the end of the sensor tab area
37 notification or action from one health agency to another on behalf of the patient
38 this is a series of clicks and responses intrepeted by the Algo device
39 screening outcome for one or both ears where the baby did not pass
40 National benchmark in days to complete hearing screen for term healthy babies
1 syndrome that may have white forelock and can be associated with hearing loss
2 forms the basis of standarised delivery of screening offer by a Nurse
4 terminology applied when only one ear is involved
5 this family member may have a confirmed hearing loss of relevance
6 what is the name of the database used in Queensland to retain hearing information
7 which ear will the red acoustic cable be positioned to assess hearing
10 measurement of noise level
12 term of measurement of pregnancy in weeks
14 risk factor related to high levels of jaundice
20 this must be provided willingly by the parent and confirmed in writing
27 name of the screening device currently in use in
29 defect in the palate area
30 ear anomaly would be an exclusion to screening
32 outcome of being aware of benefits and risks of screening offer
33 term used by hearing professionals to describe short term or potential to resolve
36 hearing screen outcome indicating adequate hearing for normal speech / language
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