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Healthy Lifestyle Crossword Puzzle

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Healthy Lifestyle

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Across Down
5 one of a group of natural substances in food that you need to be healthy
7 sport of riding a bicycle or motorcycle; act of riding a bicycle
9 activity that you do with your body to make your body strong
11 the condition of being physically strong and healthy
12 a measurement of how much water there is in the air
13 the type of food that someone usually eats
14 how hot or cold something is
15 the force with which blood flows around your body
19 a substance in food such as sugar, potatoes, etc that gives your body energy
20 the red liquid that flows around your body
21 a unit for measuring the amount of energy food provides
22 the sport or activity of moving through water by moving your arms and legs
1 one of many pieces of tissue in the body that are connected to bones and which produce movement by becoming longer or shorter
2 the organ inside your chest that sends blood around your body
3 a small amount of food that you eat between meals
4 an illness
6 the scientific study of the effects of natural or artificial atmospheric conditions, as temperature and humidity, on living organisms
8 any substance that animals need to eat and plants need from the soil in order to live and grow
10 the condition of your body
16 food such as meat, cheese, fish, or eggs that is necessary for the body to grow and be strong
17 feelings of worry caused by difficult situations such as problems at work
18 a form of trotting or running at a slow or leisurely pace
22 the activity or habit connected with cigarettes
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