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Chapters 1-4

                                  3         4      
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                  28   29                            
                          31               32        
            35                             36        
Across Down
2 These fell in the wilderness
3 God's word is this
7 God said He would make His Son's enemies into this
9 Jesus made the devil like this
11 Moses led the people out of this place
13 Every disobedience to God's Law received this
14 We can approach God with this if we trust Jesus
17 Jesus holds this office
18 Jesus has more glory than this man
20 Jesus' name is more excellent than these
22 God knows this about our heart
23 The Israelites had this good thing preached to them
24 Jesus was appointed this by God
25 Angels render this for those who inherit salvation
27 Sin is this.
28 We do not want this kind of heart
30 Do not do this with your heart
31 The Israelites lacked this
34 God spoke to these long ago
36 What we should do with God's voice
37 God's word
1 Believers have this kind of a calling
4 God's undeserved love
5 The builder of everything
6 We must hold this until the end
8 This is the time when we should not harden our hearts.
10 God promises this to His people
12 Jesus made this for the sins of His people
15 Jesus partook of this
16 Writer of many Psalms
19 Jesus never did this
21 Jesus brought many sons to salvation by this
25 We must not neglect this
26 Jesus is crowned with this
28 The Israelites couldn't enter Canaan because of this
29 Jesus calls believers by this name
30 God's people are this if we hold fast our hope
32 Leader of the Israelites after Moses.
33 Old Testament priests offered sacrifices here
34 Jesus upholds all things by this
35 God confirmed His apostles by these
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