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Herb Herb Herb, Herb IS The Word! Crossword Puzzle

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Herb Herb Herb, Herb is the Word!

Enter the correct Herb/Brand in the answer key.

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Across Down
2 Blood purifier and is also found in Women's formulas to ease symptoms of menopause.
5 Member of Daisy Family. The saponins in this herb is great topically for ulcerations, itching and burning, Taken internally for anything marked by inflammation and also for ulcerations in the bowels or stomach.
6 Natural source of silica and promotes bone health, You may find this in Hair,Skin, and Nail formulas.
7 Activates enzymes in the liver that stimulates Glutathione production, great for liver support and 'free radical protection'
8 Relieves nervous exhaustion, low mood, and mental fatigue. Aids in calming the nerves
9 Along with Goldenseal, this herb contains Berberine, which keeps bacteria and other pathogens from sticking to healthy cells and attacking them.
11 Contains oxindole akaloids that have immune stimulating properties.
13 Contains beta-sisterols useful for modulating cholesterol, also found in lactation formulas,
18 (BRAND) Ayervedic, all products are backed up with clinical studies.
19 Stimulates circulation and platelet aggregation so it is beneifical to help prevent blood clots. Inhaling this also helps clear nasal passages. Think of when you eat spicy foods and your nose starts to run.
1 This herb stimulates the immune system to produce more red blood cells.
3 (BRAND) This brand uses the whole entire herb in their formulas, they believe in leaving herbs in their true form as found in Nature.
4 Aids in relieving stiff muscle and neck tension, used for drug or alcohol withdrawal which Skullcap is also useful.
10 (BRAND) These physicians were dedicated to clinical research and the practice of botanicals. This company is known for their freeze dried process.
12 This herb promotes sleep and relaxation by easing nervousness and anxiety. AKA Lemonbalm
14 Stimulates circulation which can support positive moods, Also for treating vericose veins because of the triterpenoids found in this herb.
15 Keeps your mind sharp while easing nervous tension and anxiety. Can be suggested for people who have high stressed jobs but need to keep their focus.
16 Warm herb used for cold phlegm conditions, beneificial for someone with congestion,
17 (BRAND) Liquid extracts offered in tincture and pilll form for optimal absorbtion. 'Meet Your Herbs' program
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