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Higher Human Revision Crossword Puzzle

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Higher Human Revision

                                    1   2             3   4                    
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          36 37                                                                  
                                38   39       40                                  
43                                         44                                    
                                            47       48       49                  
Across Down
5 condition where the body fails to produce enough insulin
9 type of immunity which is inborn and unchanging
10 accumulation of tissue fluid
11 genes which are on the unpaired portion of the X chromosome
13 rewarding a behaviour which approximates to the desired behaviour
14 when the way in which any one pair of chromosomes lines up is independent of any others
15 fattty material which insulates a nerve
16 necessary for absorption of vitamin B12 from the gut
17 nervous system which slows down heart rate
18 neurotransmitter which is lost during progression of Alzheimers disease
21 over reaction of the immune system to a harmless substance
23 ability to respond in the same way to many different but related stimuli
24 second phase of the menstrual cycle
25 type of inhibitor which is only affected by concentration of inhibitor
26 structure in the ovary which produces progesterone
27 a mutation where a base is removed
28 hormone which inhibits secrtion of FSH and LH
29 loss of personal identity when in a crowd
30 the bond that forms between mother and infant
32 how carbon dioxide is mostly carried in the blood
36 type of cell which produces testosterone
38 enrichment of a water source by nutrients or minerals
41 RNA base complimentary to Adenine
42 type of inhibitor which joins to active site
43 gland which produces enzymes to maintain semen at correct viscosity
44 a method of increasing memory span
45 type of white blood cell that produces antibodies
46 composed of nucleic acid and protein coat
47 these line the fibres in a lymph node
50 part of a neuron which takes information to the cell body
1 when oxygen combines with haemoglobin
2 the deliberate introduction of a pathogen into the body to cause immunity
3 excess amino acids undergo this process in the liver
4 when genetic material is swapped during meiosis
6 type of twins with only one placenta
7 site of memory
8 the node which initiates the heart beat
12 where most glucose is reabsorbed in the nephron
19 a progression through a genetically pre-programmed sequence of events
20 a zygotes first cell division
22 valve which seperates the right atrium from the right ventricle
31 triplet of bases on tRNA
33 hormone secreted by the pituitary after birth to stimulate milk production
34 the haem group is converted to this during breakdown of RBC
35 stimulates the production of antibodies
37 the basic unit of DNA
39 as this increases the affinity of haemoglobin for oxygen decreases
40 where body temperature is detected
48 usually takes place on day 14 of the menstrual cycle
49 hormone produced if the blood sugar is too low
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