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Hinduism Crossword Puzzle

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2 In Hinduism, the connection between one's actions and the consequences of those actions
4 The liturgical and scriptural language of Hinduism
6 Hindu name for the 'real self' that is also identical with Brahman
7 Hindu worship of a deity, primarily at a home shrine
8 Social classes in Hindu society based on a person's position in life that are given at birth
9 The most scared location for all Hindus
10 An autumn festival of Hindus that celebrates the return of Rama, the 7th avatar if Vishnu, from a 14 yr. exile
13 The name for the various celebrations of events in the Hindu life cycle
16 A Hindu spring festival in which caste difference's are often suspended
17 Refers to the illusionary appearance of the world
18 A person's duties in life, especially those related to one's social obligation within one's caste with regard to family and community
19 A statue, picture, or other image of Hindu gods
1 Liberation from the Hindu endless cycle of rebirth
2 The principal avatar of Vishnu, often depicted as a handsome young man
3 Hindus considered so low that they are not even a part of the caste system
5 The name for the priestly caste of Hindus
6 The incarnation of Gods or Goddesses who descend from their heavenly world to earth to rid the world of evil
11 The name for the Creator of God
12 A religion founded in the sixth century BCE by Mahavira as a reaction against Hinduism
14 Desire not to harm any form of life
15 A name for the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth
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