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History OF Baseball Crossword Puzzle Answer

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History of Baseball

                                            S T R I K E                                
                                C         N         N                                  
                                A         E     M   I   R O G E R M A R I S            
                                L         W     I   C       R                          
                                R         Y     N   K     N E G R O L E A U G E S      
                                I         O     O   E       E                     R    
                                P         R     R   R       N E W Y O R K Y A N K E E S
                                K         K     L   B       W                     D    
                                E         N     E   O     D I S C O L O R E D     S    
                                N         I     A   C       C                     O    
                        P       J         N     G   K       H                     X    
                    K N I C K E R B O C K E R R U L E S     V                          
                        T                       E   R     P I T C H C O U N T          
                G R E A T D E P R E S S I O N   S   S       L                          
                        S                                   L                          
                P A C I F I C C O A S T L E A G U E   T E X A S R A N G E R S          
                        I                                   G                          
                      B E E R A N D W H I S K E Y L E A G U E                          
              A B N E R D O U B L E D A Y                                              
                R       M                                                              
                O       A L E X A N D E R C A R T W R I G H T                          
                O   T   S                                                              
                K   W A S H I N G T O N S E N A T O R S                                
                L   I   A                                 J                            
                Y   N   C L A R E N C E P A N T S R O W L A N D                        
                N   S   H                                 C                            
                        U                                 K                            
                    L O S A N G E L E S D O D G E R S   P I T C H E R S                
          B     C       E                                 E                            
W I L L I A M H U B E R T             B       S           R                            
          B     R       T         B   O       T         W O R L D S E R I E S          
          E     T   L O S A N G E L E S A N G E L S       B                            
                F         G       A   T       R   P   S C I E N C E                    
                L         E       C   O       O   O       N                            
                O         N       K   N       I   N       S P I T B A L L S            
                O         T       S   B       D   S       O                            
                D         S       O   R       S   O       N                            
                                  X   A           R                                    
                                      V           S                                    
                                      E           H                                    
                                      S           I                                    
Across Down
1 In 1884 there was a two day _____ haunting baseball.
6 1961 is also noted as being the year in which ________ surpassed Babe Ruth's single season home run record.In 1972, the second Washington Senators moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and became the __________.
8 The ________ was a league where blacks played baseball.
10 What team in 1998 a record 125 games, including going 11–2 in the postseason, to win the World Series as what many consider to be one of the greatest teams of all time.
11 ___________ balls, harder for batters to see and therefore harder for batters to dodge, have been rigorously removed from play ever since 1920.
13 The _________ dealt with organizational matters but which also laid out rules for playing the game.
14 What began to become monitored during the 80's for pitchers?
15 What negatively effected baseball during the 1930's?
16 The _________ was a huge league in the West in the 50s and 60s.
17 In 1972, the second Washington Senators moved to the Dallas-For Worth are and became the _____.
18 What is the other name for the American Baseball Association?
19 Who invented baseball?
21 Who made the rules of baseball?
23 Who joined the American League and took over the nation's capital when the previous Senators moved to Minnesota?
25 Who was the president of the PCL?
26 The Los Angeles Angels are now know as what?
27 By the late 1960s, the balance between pitching and hitting had swung in favor of the _________.
30 Who formed the national league?
34 What is the championship game called in baseball?
35 The only California expansion team—and also the first in Major League Baseball in over 70 years—was the___________.
38 What started to really change the baseball in the 80's?
39 the 1920 rule changed outlawing tampering with the ball, which pitchers had often done to produce _________.
2 First game is played between ________ and a team of cricket players.
3 __________ played his 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig's 56-year-old record.
4 Who played the Knickerbockers in the first competitive game?
5 What do players generally start out in?
7 Where was baseball regularly played on Saturdays in 1823?
9 What team has the curse of the great bambino?
12 Where was the earliest known mention of baseball in the U.S?
20 What was the original location of the Dodgers?
22 When the Senators moved to Minnesota they became what team?
24 Who was the first black baseball player in the modern era?
28 What was George Herman Ruth's nickname?
29 St. Louis Cardinals player ________ took the leagues to court to negate a player trade, citing the 13th Amendment and antitrust legislation.
31 The first team to relocate in fifty years was the ________.
32 Barry Bonds home run record was very controversial due to his use of _____.
33 What did they call the White Sox after they were caught fixing games?
36 During the 70's ______ began to help players from the business side.
37 ______ began to increase profits in the 90's.
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