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History OF Healthcare Crossword Puzzle

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History of Healthcare

If a person's name is the answer use their last name only

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Across Down
3 Disinfectants and antiseptics were first used to prevent infection during surgery by Dr. ____
4 The individual whose studies formed the basis for psychology and psychiatry is ___________.
5 The professional education of nurses was started by______________.
6 Founder of the American Red Cross in 1881
8 What type of pill was first approved by the FDA in the 1960's?
10 Invented the microscope
12 Proved microorganisims cause disease and created a vaccine for rabies
14 The CAM therapy that encourages the use of certain vitamins to neutralize free radicals is ___.
16 Father of Medicine
17 Described the circulation of blood to and from the heart
19 The CAM therapy that uses breathing and muscle relaxation techniques to quiet the mind by focusing attention on obtaining a sense of oneness is ____________.
21 Established efficient and sanitary nursing units during the Crimean War
22 Became the firs female physician in the United States
1 SARS has the ability to cause a _____________.
2 Discovered X-rays
4 Bifocals were invented by ____________.
7 H5N1 virus is the cause of what type of flu?
9 The name for the type of health care that offers both mainstream medical treatment and CAM therapies to treat a patient is a/n______.
11 In 1970 what type of baby was the first to be born in England
13 The polio vaccine was developed in 1952 by _____________________.
15 Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by ___________________.
18 Developed the culture plate method to identify pathogens in 1882
20 __________ was identified as a disease in the 1980's.
23 Invented the stethoscope
24 The first ______ transplant in humans was performed in the 1960's.
25 Developed the smallpox vaccination in 1796
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