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Hockey Crossword Puzzle Answer

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      D           S     D              
      A           I     A              
      N       S   S     N     Z        
      G     H A T T R I C K   A        
      L       V         E     M        
B L U E L I N E               B        
              P E N A L T Y B O X      
F I V E H O L E               N        
              R E D L I N E   I C I N G
        P O W E R P L A Y              
              N               F        
S L A P S H O T         C     A        
              A     S   H     C        
              G O A L T E N D E R      
    C R E A S E     E   C     O        
      I             W   K     F        
      N             F   I     F        
P U C K             O   N              
                    O   G              
            B E A U T                  
Across Down
6 when one player scores three goals in one game
7 Lines on either side of the red line that divide the rink into zones. These lines govern the offside rule and define the offensive, defensive, and neutral zones
8 the area in ice hockey where a player sits to serve penalty time
9 the gap between a goalie’s legs
10 divides the rink down the middle. It is used to judge icing and offside pass calls
11 when a player who is behind the center-ice line shoots the puck across the center ice line, the defensive zone blue line, and past the goal line without the puck ending up in the net or being touched by the defending goalie
12 occurs when the other team commits a penalty and one of their hockey players has to go to the penalty box. One team now has more players on the ice
14 when a player takes a shot by pulling their stick back, away from the puck, and slaps the puck towards the net with significant force
17 the hockey player who stands in front of the goal an whose only job is to prevent the other team from scoring. The goalie wears extra pads and a mask as high speed shots are aimed at them throughout the game
18 area right in front of the goal where the goaltender is not to be interfered with or a penalty will be called
20 black disk of vulcanized rubber that is one inch high, three inches in diameter
21 a great goal
1 a pass of the hockey puck that leads directly to another player scoring a goal
2 maintaining possession of the puck through any number of opponents and shooting on goal using deft stickhandling, and sometimes with a deke or two
3 a fight
4 represents the percentage of shots on goal that a goaltender successfully stops. This is a good number to use to judge how well a goalie is playing
5 ice-resurfacing machine
13 this is how hockey play begins. Two players stand inside the face-off circle, a referee drops the puck between them, and they each try to pass the puck to a team mate
15 keeping an opposing hockey player from advancing to where they want to
16 when a player comes up behind or alongside an opponent and uses their foot to knock the legs out from under their opponent
19 field of play
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