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Home Fire Escape Planning Crossword Puzzle

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Home Fire Escape Planning

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Across Down
2 Try to know at least ___ ways out of every room in your home.
6 Learn how to escape on your own in an ___.
7 To avoid smoke and heat, stay low and ___ when exiting your home.
8 Call 911 once ___ your home.
11 ___ your escape routes during both night and day.
14 Families should plan ___ routes from their home in case of a fire.
1 Always ___ doors behind you when leaving a room.
2 Escape plans should be practiced at least ___ a year
3 Be sure to know and practice more than ___ way out of your house.
4 ___ outside once you have exited your home. Do not re-enter.
5 Do not try to take ___ with you, because it is important to leave the home quickly.
9 Drawing a ___ of your home is a good way to plan escape routes in case of a fire emergency.
10 Feel doors before opening them. If you feel ___, do not enter.
12 ___ until the fire service arrives and you are told its safe to return.
13 Agree on an area a safe distance away from the home to ___ in an emergency.
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