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Home Sweet Home Crossword Puzzle

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Home Sweet Home

                        1   2                  
                  3               4            
            5   6               7              
        8             9                        
10                     11               12        
                  15                   16        
17 18                                            
                21   22     23                    
Across Down
6 a room where you can read, write,etc.
7 material used for covering a roof or floor
8 a hanging piece of fabric used to shut out the light from a window, decorate a room
10 wood or metal structure that goes around the garden
11 the entrance to a house
13 he is the legal possessor
14 a vertical structure used to form a shelter
15 a long passage inside the house
16 money you pay regularly to live in a house or a flat
17 the kitchen is usually on the ground -------
19 one of the first place you go in the morning
20 make sure you lock it when you leave
22 a room used for sleeping in
24 a room in which meals are eaten
1 with me you can come in
2 a solid, movable cover for a window
3 a space under the roof, often used for storing things
4 it lets in light and allows to see outside
5 where we park the car
8 a room for the storage of food,
9 it helps to change the level
12 I help shut the door
18 toilet
21 having a useful purpose
23 the structure that covers the top of the house
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