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Horrible Harry And The Holidaze Crossword Puzzle

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Horrible Harry and the Holidaze

By Suzy Kline

                                      1   2      
                            5           6        
                                    7       8    
                    12                     13      
              14   15   16                          
                      18                         19
        20                                 21      
22                 23                 24            
      26         27                       28        
Across Down
5 If you find a doll in your cake you will have this
9 How many holidays did they learn about in class?
11 This book is about him and the Holidaze
12 The teacher in Horrible Harry
13 On Three Kings Day, you will find presents in a ________
16 This holiday is celebrated in Spain, Latin America and other places
17 This holiday was created in 1966 to celebrate African American heritage and future / 7 days
18 The nursing home where Harry's grandpa moved
22 Secret _______
23 Song Lee's family celebrates this holiday
26 The author
28 They fly these on the Korean New Year
29 This color candle means the land of Africa
30 Harry's best friend
1 The name of the class pet
2 Special clothes children wear on the Korean New Year
3 This color candle means struggle for freedom
4 Harry traded Doug so he could be her Secret Santa
6 December 25th
7 Song Lee's present from Harry
8 The candle holder for Hanukkah
10 Santa puts gifts under the ___________ _______
14 This is what you will find in your shoe if you have been bad all year
15 His real name is Yousef
19 African hats
20 8 days
21 נ ג ה ש
24 Game played by families on Korean New Year
25 The candle holder for Kwanzaa
27 Where Yousef is from
29 Chocolate coins used when you play dreidel
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