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Identifying Minerals Crossword Puzzle

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Identifying Minerals

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Across Down
1 A raw iron.
2 A metamorphic rock that once was limestone.
4 This property alone will not always help to identify a mineral.
7 Any rock or mineral that has a valuable substance.
11 Scientists who inventory and monitor the Earth's fresh water.
13 Specialists who study earthquakes.
14 This property is determined when some mineral powder is left on a tile.
15 Study mineral formations.
16 Minerals that can be glassy, pearly, or dull.
18 This property describes the way light reflects off a mineral's surface.
20 A monument to George Washington made of marble from different quarries.
21 A rock that looks like red clay.
23 Sedimentary rock with layers of calcium carbonate.
25 Geologists who study the ocean's floor.
26 A memorial to honor veterans and made of black granite.
27 A valuable mineral found in ore.
28 The mixture of copper and tin.
29 This mineral is made into steel.
30 Used to make elctric wires.
1 A _______ table helps geologist identify minerals in rock.
2 Structure used to honor important people and events.
3 A type of luster that shines like a metal.
5 A monument to a man's wife and is made of marble.
6 Process to melt iron.
8 This property is determined by trying to scratch a mineral with different materials.
9 Egyptian monument made of limestone and granite.
10 When minerals break, the surfaces are uneven, rounded, or splintered.
12 Scientists who discover, manage, and protect the Earth's natural materials.
17 Regular, flat surfaces on broken minerals.
19 A mineral that is magnetic.
22 Three times lighter than steel.
24 A mineral is attracted to a magnet.
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