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Imperialism Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 the people with the most amount of money and best jobs were the ones surviving, 'surviving of the fittest”
5 an 1854 agreement between the US and Japan, which opened 2 japanese ports to US ships and allowed the US to set up an embassy in Japan.
7 the meeting at which multiple countries decided the division of Africa
9 an exemption of foreign residents from the laws of a country.
10 the british colony of india- so called because of its importance in the british empire, both as a supplier of raw materials and as a market for British trade goods
11 a 1900 revolt in China, aimed at ending foreign influence in the country.
12 an exemption of foreign residents from the laws of a country.
13 a mid 19th century rebellion against the Qing Dynasty in China, led by hong xiuquan.
14 Treaty after opium war. China had to open 5 ports to trade,hong kong ceded to Great Britain, China had to pay 21 million to Britain, and China could not set tariffs in treaty ports.
16 a joint stock company which granted an english royal charter with the intention of exploring and trading with india and surrounding areas
1 a policy proposed by the US in 1899,under which all nations would have equal opportunities to trade in China.
2 a conflict lasting from 1890 to 1902, in which the Boers and the British fought for control of territory in South Africa
3 An economic situation in which a country sells more goods abroad than it buys from abroad.
6 a crop produced for its commercial value rather than for use by the grower.
8 the adoption of a conquerers culture by the conquered people
15 leader that was able to resist imperialism
17 an indian soldier serving under british command
18 the domination of one country of the political, economic and or cultural life of another country or region
19 When Chinese government destroyed opium, the British sent warships to open trade
20 Has it's own internal government, but under control of another country
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