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Industrial Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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Industrial Revolution

                          1       2        
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Across Down
5 used steam engine to establish the first regular steamboat service
7 Implemented crop rotation
8 professor of economics and author who believed that population increase posed the greatest challenge to human progress
9 system of manufacturing large numbers of identical items
10 the practice of alternating crops of different kinds to preserve soil fertility
12 method of production in which work is done in homes rather than in a shop or factory
13 use of automatic machinery to increase production
14 belief that the government should not interfere with the operations of business
15 economic and political system in which the government owns almost all of the means of production and controls economic planning authoritarian socialism
1 developed the steam engine
2 economic system in which private individuals rather than the government control the factors of production
3 invented the telegraph
4 political and economic system in which the government owns the means of production
6 basic resources necessary for industrialization, such as land, capital, and labor
11 Invented seed drill
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