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Industrial Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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Industrial Revolution

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Across Down
7 Attempt in Britain to build an independent political party devoted to working people
8 The attitude of letting things take their course
10 A person who owns their own bussiness(es)
11 Father of Communism
13 lowest socio-economic class
15 The movement from hand made to machine made goods
16 Movement from rural communities ro to industrial cities
17 Co-author of 'the communist Manifesto'
18 The perfect place
21 More and More industries and factory pooping up everywhere
23 Designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive
25 Capitolist class who owns most of society's wealth and prduction
27 Eli Whitney created this
1 the location od the first women's rights convention in New York.
2 Karl Marx is the father of this
3 Housing facilities where immigrants would live closely together
4 Right to vote in a political election
5 The idea of how germs are the causes of diseases
6 Englishman who would destroy machinery
7 The oporotunity for better wages.
9 A femenist would also call herself this
12 Certificate of ownership
14 A company or group authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law
19 Political system where private owners get a profit from trade and industry
20 Social group between upper and lower groups
22 Workers who have the protction of their rights and interests
24 Political theory similar to Communism
26 An organized refusal to work
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