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Industrial Revolution Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Industrial Revolution Terms

Industrial Revolution Crossword Project - Mackenzie Straughan

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Across Down
4 system in which governments led by a small elite controlled all economic and political life
6 German philosopher; condemned the ideas of Utopians as unrealistic idealism and made a new theory, 'scientific socialism'
7 part of the world's first major rail line which opened in England in 1830
9 British philosopher and economist; advocate for utilitarianism
10 Utopian; set up a model community in New Lanark, Scotland, to put his own ideas into practice
11 political ideology in which there is a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism instead of a sudden violent overthrow of the system
13 cottage industry; raw cotton was distributed to peasant families who spun it into thread and then the thread into cloth at home
15 movement of people to cities
16 money used to invest in enterprises
18 idea that the goal of society should be 'the greatest happiness for the greatest number' of its citizens
19 drug that prevents pain during surgery
20 British economist; saw the effects of the population explosion and published An Essay on the Principle of Population
23 person who manages and assumes financial risks of starting new businesses
1 business organization in an area
2 workers' organizations
3 working class
5 invented the cotton gin
8 farms, factories, railways, and other large businesses that produced and distributed goods
12 separate iron from its ore
14 part of the world's first major rail line which opened in England in 1830
17 Scottish engineer; improved the steam engine
21 system in which the people as a whole rather than private individuals own all property and operate all businesses
22 private road built by entrepreneurs who charged a toll, or fee, to travelers who used it
23 process of taking over and consolidating land formerly shared by peasant farmers
24 multistory building that is divided into apartments
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