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Infection Control Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
7 An example would be an abscessed pimple.
12 Sanitation, Disinfection and Sterilization are the three main types of
13 The standard that is used in the industry in dealing with blood borne pathogens is regulated by
15 The type of immunity that the body develops after overcoming a disease through vaccinations.
19 The skin disease that is caused by an infestation of head lice is called
21 Should be used to remove objects from a disinfectant solution.
22 Non-pathogenic bacteria are
23 A common human bacteria that can be transferred through skin to skin contact or unclean implements is
24 An infection that is transmitted from one person to another.
25 Bacteria generally consist of an outer cell wall containing.
28 The level of protection required by salons to kill most organisms with the exception of bacterial spores
30 A disease caused by the itch mite is
31 Substances used to destroy bacteria and viruses on surfaces such as implements and combs.
1 The small minority of harmful bacteria that invade plant and animal tissue are considered
2 The first step in the decontamination process is called
3 One celled microorganisms with both plant and animal characteristics.
4 Single use items that cannot be disinfected must be
5 The ability of the body to destroy and resist infection.
6 Disease-causing bacteria or viruses that are carried through the body in the body fluids, such as Hepatitis and HIV.
8 Spherical bacteria that grow in pairs and cause Pneumonia.
9 A disease that spreads from one person to another through contact is
10 Round shaped pathogenic bacteria that appear singly or in groups.
11 A sub-microscopic structure capable of infesting almost anything.
14 A sign of a bacterial infection.
16 Blood borne virus that causes liver damage.
17 An important action that can prevent the transfer of microorganisms from one person to another.
18 Nail fungus can be contracted through implements that are not properly
20 Pus forming bacteria arranged in curved lines that resemble a string of beads.
26 Federal law requires manufacturers to provide important product information on a form called
27 The process where bacteria divide into new cells is called
29 Organisms that live in or on another living organism and draw their nourishment.
32 Body tissues being invaded by disease-causing or pathogenic bacteria result in.
33 To meet salon requirements for use against bacteria, fungi, viruses and disinfectants look at the label for its
34 Spiral (corkscrew shaped) bacteria that causes Syphilis and Lyme Disease.
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