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Infection Control And Skin Care Crossword Puzzle

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Infection Control and Skin Care

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Across Down
4 Is good to use if your hands are not visibly soiled or a resident does not have C-Diff
6 Type of incontinence cause by dementia, disability, or pain
7 An_______________vaccine is recommended for every employee, every year to help promote a healthy environment at our facility
8 Type of PPE you should wear when a resident has MRSA in a wound on their skin
11 ___________can occure when skin moves in once direction and the undersurface moves in the opposite direction
12 The number one way to prevent the spread of infection
1 _______________ infections are ones that occure while the resident is in our facility
2 Report to the__________ if you see any signs of skin breakdown of a resident
3 ______________________ are are localized injury to the skin becasue of pressure or pressure/shear combination
5 How often should a resident be off-loaded from their W/C if not care planed otherside
9 It is fine to place dirty linens on the floor it it is less then 5 minutes
10 ________________ precaustions are a set of infection control practices used to prevent transmission of diseases that can be acquired by contact with blood, body fluids, non-intact skin (including rashes), and mucous membranes
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