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Instruments OF The Orchestra Crossword Puzzle

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Instruments of the Orchestra

                  1           2                      
          3                 4                        
          5                       6         7        
            12   13   14     15                          
    16                   17                            
    18                   19                            
                        20                     21      
  22                   23                              
                    24                         25      
                              26         27            
                  28     29         30                  
              31                       32              
Across Down
3 Electronic piano
4 Used in Fanfares
5 Favorite of rock music
11 Takes its name from the Italian for ‘small’
12 Larger and differently shaped than the standard clarinets
16 The highest pitched instrument of the woodwind section
17 A smaller vertical version of a hammered instrument
18 Not simply a big violin
19 We are now starting to enter the world of the larger instruments
20 Highest voice in a brass band
22 The sliding instrument
23 Produces a sound by plucking the strings within its soundboard
25 The sound is sometimes described as a 'pastoral' sound
28 It can play very low notes indeed, but they somehow just don't sound deep - they are more like a crackle
31 Those used today in folk music across the world such as the Irish version
32 This is as big as they get
33 It may be a little provocative to suggest that everything else is there merely as an accompaniment
34 One of the oldest instruments in western music, uses a series of pipes to produce its distinctive sound
35 An Italian word meaning 'little violone'
1 The alto of the double-reed family
2 Is thought by many to be the most beautiful sounding instrument in the orchestra
6 The very minimum a brass band can get away with
7 Sort of 'middle of the brass band' instrument
8 This is a sort of 'overgrown cornet'
9 Underlying heartbeat of the orchestra
10 The largest string instrument in the orchestra
13 Allowed for the creation of entirely synthesized sounds
14 Played by Benny Goodman
15 Jack of all trades in the cornet family
21 A baby tuba
24 A large horizontal version of a hammered instrument
26 Principle instrument in brass bands
27 Drums, cymbals, xylophones, triangles
29 The jazz instrument
30 The lowest sounding member of the woodwind family
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