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International Nativity Crossword Puzzle

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International Nativity

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Across Down
1 have two days of Christmas and eat rice with honey and raisins
7 early Christmas morning girls go collect 'strong water'
8 the main meal usually consists of lechon asado and arroz con gandules
9 on December 27th they have Carnavale
10 they have had a Santa Claus parade since 1913, eat a meal with pigs' feet
11 the celebration starts on the Kolede
12 breakfast includes ackee and saltfish
13 these people go from house to house singing Janeiras
14 they spend over 30 hours in Church during the Christmas period
15 they give jandals for gifts and like to be at the beach for Christmas
16 the special meal of the day is chicken with rice
18 the most popular present is money
2 they play with volcancitos on Christmas and drink horchata
3 the Julemanden brings their gifts to the door
4 their trees are decorated with ornaments in the shape of fruit
5 celebrate Junkaroo instead of Christmas
6 they leave the Tovlis Papa a treat made of walnuts and grape juice
7 St Nicholas is accompanied by the Krampus for the bad kids
8 Christmas goes from the beginning of September to the Baptism of Jesus
17 they eat a soup made of intestines, tongue, stomach, legs and spices
19 festivities include a goat type creature and the dance of the bears
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