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Invertebrates Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
5 moss animals, single-cell animals & calcium carbonate shell, more advanced than corals
8 extinct cnidarian, made reefs during paleozoic, called 'horn corals'
9 sea scorpions, extinct marine predators, can climb out of water to find food, up to 6 ft big
10 shells on upper & lower body, symmetrical at midline, articulated or inarticulated types
11 easily identified fossil with wide geographic distribution and short range, guide fossils
12 have 5-fold symmetry, include crinoids, starfish, sea lilies, can grow back missing parts
13 'arms on head' include ammonites & nautiloids, today include octopus/squid
1 bivalves, symmetry between 2 shells, clams, oysters, scallops, mollusks
2 snails/slugs, confused with ammonites but - occupy different part of shell
3 natural sea sponges, colonial, primitive single cell organism, soft body & exoskeleton
4 extinct index fossil, spiral shaped shell that extends as they grow, old house buoyancy
6 extinct marine arthropods, famous fossil group, 17,000 species, 3 body segments
7 single cell polyps that built large reef structures with horizontal floor levels
13 look like plants, stem attaches to sea floor, lots of little feeding arms
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