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Isaiah Crossword Puzzle Answer

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                                  G O D          
                            C       V            
                            H E L P E D          
                            A       S            
                    U       G   H O P E         G
                C O N F U S E D     R     L     I
                    D               E     O     F
              S T R E N G T H       S E R V A N T
              I     R               E     I      
              N     S A L V A T I O N     N      
                    T           S   T     G R O W
              J U D A I S M     A                
                    N           I                
            F R E E D O M       A                
            A                   H                
B O O K O F I S A I A H                          
Across Down
2 ________ sent him.
4 All the people were kinder and they ________ each other.
6 Isaiah brought the people _____.
9 God sent him because the people were afraid and ____________.
11 Hope helps us to rely not own your own _________ , but on the strength of God the Holy Spirit. Isaiah showed this to the people.
12 That he is the sinless __________.
13 Isaiah said that __________ would come only through the suffering of a servant of the Lord.
15 But the experience helped them _______ closer to God.
16 What did the Jews call their religion?
17 He proclaimed that God was about to save them from an even greater way than he had when their ancestors crossed to __________ at the Red Sea.
18 You can read about how he gave the people hope in the ________ __ __________.
1 When know God _______ us because he sent his only son to save us.
3 Being closer to God made the people's live _______.
5 The writers of the Old Testament ____________ these passages to be fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
7 God's love is a _________ to us.
8 Like Faith, Hope is a _________ from God.
10 Isaiah reminded them that God remained in faithful and _______ as he was to his people in Egypt.
11 This servant would be without _____.
14 ___________ is a prophet.
17 Isaiah showed the how to have _______ in God.
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