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Islam Crossword Puzzle

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3 What is Sufi remembrance of Allah?
5 Niche in mosque wall showing the direction of Mecca and the Ka'aba.
7 Battle against large Meccan army (1000 men) with only 300 Muslims and they won.
8 Helper. Medinans who helped the Holy Prophet.
10 Scarf or veil.
11 The barbaric time in Arabia before Islam.
14 'Righteously Guided'
15 Branch of Islam who believes Ali is only valid successor to the Holy Prophet. About 20% of Muslims.
18 'The beginning' = 1st chapter of the Holy Qur'an.
22 Tribe of Mohammad.
23 3rd 'Righteously Guided' Caliph.
24 Statement of faith.
26 10th day of Muharram. Day of Husain's death.
29 Caliphate Dynasty who ruled from Damascus. First Caliph (after Ali) was Mu'aloinya.
30 God willing
1 Muslim Mystic.
2 2nd 'Righteously Guided' Caliph.
4 Site of the massacre of Ali's son Husain, grandson of the Holy Prophet.
6 Grandson of the Holy Prophet; murdered at Kerbala.
7 Most respected compiler of Ahadith.
9 In the name of Allah.
12 Ladies fully covering outer garment.
13 Sayings of the Holy Prophet.
16 Believe in four 'Righteously Guided' Caliphs. About 80% of Muslims belong to this branch.
17 Obligatory (i.e. some prayers of Salat).
19 Dynasty from 750 AD. Ruled from Baghdad. Descendents of the Holy Prophet's uncle.
20 First 'Righteously Guided' Caliph.
21 Individual prayer in one's own language as compared with the ritual five daily prayers in Arabic.
25 Cousin and son-in-law of the Holy Prophet 4th 'Righteously Guided' Caliph.
27 Emigration from Mecca to Medina. Starting date of Muslim calendar.
28 Leader of the congregation.
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