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Japan And The Koreas Crossword Puzzle

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Japan and the Koreas

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Across Down
2 Fixed total quantities, which limit the number of foreign-made goods sold in Japan
5 Early native inhabitants of northern Japan; excluded from Japanese society
7 Tropical hurricanes that form over the Pacific Ocean
10 Machines that register movements in the earth's crust
11 Ministry of International Trade and Industry
12 Chain of islands
13 These were dropped by the U.S. on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
15 Increase in number of atomic weapons around the world.
16 Japan attacked this U.S. naval base during WWII on Dec.7,1941
19 Uniform; what Japan's ancestry is
21 The Communist part of the Koreas.
1 Japan's entire area is about the size of this U.S. state
3 Glorification of the military and readiness for war
4 Affects Japan's seasons; are prevailing winds
6 Religion that Japan's earliest people followed
8 A strip of land on which troops or weapons are not allowed
9 Ethnically Japanese, but social outcasts; generally live in segregated communities
14 Japan is part of; region of spectacular tectonic activity along rim of Pacific Ocean
17 Fired to save costs
18 Enormous ocean wave caused by an earthquake
20 Largest island in Japan, has 80% of population
22 Taxes on imports that make foreign goods more costly than their domestic equivalents
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