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Jesus And The 12 Apostles Crossword Puzzle

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Jesus and the 12 Apostles

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Across Down
2 this person had a sharp outburst of anger with Paul
8 the mount of _________
9 greased Jesus head with expensive oil
10 after his temptation, these came to minister to jesus
12 man who was active serving together with his wife- he is always mentioned with his wife- in Pauls day-
13 apostle whose name begins with an N
14 wife of man who actively served with her -in Pauls day-she is always mentioned with her husband
17 helped man he found beaten up on the road
19 Roman army officer who called for an apostle to come to him
22 sold a field and secretly kept some of the money-he died for lying about it
23 name of coin in a fishes mouth - jesus said pay a head tax with it.
24 title of a job of men who herd sheep
25 he hung himself after betraying Christ
27 was a tax collector
29 ten of these were healed ; only one turned back to thank Jesus
30 the actual name of the 2 small coins of very little value the widow gave (begins with L)
31 king who tried to kill Jesus as a child
33 Jesus rode one of these when they tried to make him king
1 a days wage was paid with this roman coin
2 john the ______ ; son of Elizabeth
3 2 names for peter; ______ peter, or ______surnamed peter
4 wrote Revelation
5 the archangels name
6 he doubted that Christ was resurrected
7 the beloved physician
11 the garden where Christ prayed on his last night
15 went to meet a eunich on the road to Gaza
16 a boy had two small ones of these(plural) when Jesus fed 5000
18 the greater _______; name of man who was perfect but rebelled
19 also another name for peter
20 his food was ________&wild honey- Jesus' cousin
21 wife of a man who lied & kept some of the money from selling a field
26 james and john, the sons of _______________
28 son of an unbelieving greek father, but had a believing mother and grandmother
32 greek word -christ is known as the ________ , or Word
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