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Jimmy Carter Crossword Puzzle

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Jimmy Carter

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Across Down
5 Carter served in this branch of the military
7 The city and state where Jimmy Carter was born
8 As governor, Carter worked hard so that poor, rural, blacks, and other minorities would not be deprived opportunities of an education, a job, or fair treatment called what?
12 This is where Carter received his military training as an officer in Annapolis, Maryland
13 After his presidency, Carter has been best known for his work to improve this class of people
14 Carter's cuts in federal spending did not stop this from rising (a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services)
15 Carter and his father were farmers who grew this type of crop
16 Carter married this person
17 In 1979, many people questioned the use of nuclear power after a major accident happened at this power plant
18 In 1979 this resulted in long lines at gas stations
22 Carter was elected twice to serve as this in his home state
24 Carter became a deacon as part of this church denomination
1 In 1977, Carter signed over U.S. control of what famous canal in Central America
2 1n 1999, both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter received this presidential medal of highest honor given to American citizens
3 In the 1970s, many immigrants came from this Southeast nation where the U.S. previously waged war
4 He was Carter's Vice President who was from Minnesota
6 Carter was liked because he did not have many ties with these types of groups who were out for themselves
9 This was one of the Middle East nations that Carter helped sign a peace treaty
10 Served as leader of his state in this elected post
11 The name of Carter's eccentric brother
19 This was one of the Middle East nations that Carter helped to sign a peace treaty
20 The 39th President of the United States
21 This country caused problems for Carter's foreign policy, especially when American hostages were taken
23 The name of the Carter's daughter
25 In 2002, Carter received the Nobel Prize in this category
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