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Joshua, Judges, And 1 Samuel Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Joshua, Judges, and 1 Samuel

                      J A E L                  
                      U         T              
                      D   S     R              
          G           G   A     U              
          O   F       E   M     M              
  G   M I D I A N T E S   U     P              
  I           I           E     E     D        
  D           T H E P H I L I S T I N E S      
J E P H T H A H                       B        
  O     W     L                       O        
  N     E     E                       R        
        L   I S R A E L I T E S     S A M S O N
        V     S                       H        
        E   T H E M I D I A N I T E S          
              M I L K A N D H O N E Y          
    J O S H U A                                
              N A Z I R I T E                  
  B A T T L E S                                
Across Down
1 _____ is seen as a morally ambiguous hero who lured the army general, Sisera, into a tent.
7 _______ came from the east on camels to invade Israel.
9 Delilah helped _____ defeat Samson.
10 _____ was a judge who had a legacy of strife and who vowed to sacrifice to God the first living thing that greeted him (it was his daughter).
12 Joshua is written from the perspective of the ________.
13 _____ suffered a tragic fall when his hair was cut and he lost strength.
14 Gideon blew his trumpet to defeat _____.
15 The Israelites were promised a land 'flowing with ____ ___ _____.
16 In the account, God spoke to _____ and told him to have his army circle a walled city for six days and on the seventh day to blow trumpets, shout, and watch the wall come down.
17 Samson's mother vowed to be a ______.
18 Joshua is a book of _____.
1 people who earned God's favor by their outstanding personal character and virtues.
2 Gideon gave each of his warriors a jar, a torch, and a ______.
3 Hannah's son, _____, was chosen early in life to become Israel's moral compass.
4 Joshua gives _____ the credit for victory.
5 Joshua blames ______ ______ for military defeat.
6 _____ sent most of the Israelite army away and fought with only 300 men.
8 _____ was the only one of the biblical judges who actually served as a mendiator of legal disputes.
11 Joshua left power in the hands of Israel's ______ tribes after his death.
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