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Judicial Branch Crossword Puzzle

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Judicial Branch

                  1           2                                      
Across Down
1 Is a Judicial Philosophy That the Courts Can and Should Go Beyond the Applicable Law To Consider Broader Societal Implications of its Decisions.
3 The Opinion From One or More Judges or Justices of an Appellate Court Which Provides the Rationale for the Disposition of an Appeal When no Single Opinion Received the Support of a Majority of the Cour
4 Is a Process Under Which Executive or Legislative Actions Are Subject To Review by the Judiciary.
5 Is a Theory of Judicial Interpretation That Encourages Judges To Limit the Exercise of Their Own Power.
7 the Authority Given by Law to a Court To Try Cases and Rule on Legal Matters Within a Particular Geographic Area and/or Over Certain Types of Legal Cases.
8 Originalism Is a Concept Regarding the Interpretation of the Constitution That Asserts That all Statements in the Constitution Must Be Interpreted Based on the Original Understanding 'at the Time It Was Adopted”.
9 Is an Opinion in a Legal Case in Certain Legal Systems Written by One or More Judges Expressing Disagreement With the Majority Opinion of the Court Which Gives Rise to its Judgment.
10 Is a Court Process To Seek Judicial Review of a Decision of a Lower Court or Government Agency.
11 The Opinion by One or More Judges of a Court Which Agrees With the Decision Made by the Majority of the Court, but States Different Reasons as the Basis for his or her Decision.
12 Means the Process Whereby Judges Follow Previously Decided Cases Where the Facts Are of Sufficient Similarity.
13 Is the Power To Hear a Case for the First Time, as Opposed To Appellate Jurisdiction, When a Higher Court Has the Power To Review a Lower Court's Decision.
14 Is a Judicial Opinion Agreed To By More Than Half of the Members of a Court.
2 Is the Power of an Appellate Court To Review, Amend and Overrule Decisions of a Trial Court or Other Lower Tribunal.
6 Is a Written Legal Document Used in Various Legal Adversarial Systems That Is Presented to a Court Arguing Why One Party to a Particular Case Should Prevail.
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