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Kingdoms And Crusades Crossword Puzzle

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Kingdoms and Crusades

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Across Down
4 Williams officials and nobles spoke the _______ language.
6 Egyptian ruler who united Muslims and went to war against the Christians.
7 Known as the Domesday Book.
9 People ordained as priests.
10 Shortened form of Caesar.
11 First of the Capetian kings of France.
15 Viking leader who created a Rus state around the city of Kiev.
16 Name given to the Mongols by the Slavs.
18 Crusades increased trade with the _______________.
19 First crusade was a _________.
22 William the Conqueror took over the country of _________.
23 Kingdom that Alfred the Great united became known as _________ or England.
24 King who established Parliament.
25 Document that limited the power of the government.
26 Pope Urban II called for a crusade against the Muslim ______.
27 Estates that Philip IV included in the first French Parliament included this group.
28 Crusades helped reduce _______________.
29 Crusades helped kings build more powerful central ________________.
30 One of the eastern Slavs groups.
31 Moscow was located at the ______________ of several trade routes.
32 Law making body in England that was a step toward representative government.
37 Important city to the Slavs.
38 Magna Carta established the idea that people have _______.
39 One of the western Slavs groups.
1 King who developed the use of courts and juries to increase his power.
2 Jury that decides whether a person could be accused of a crime.
3 Meadow where the nobles met with King John.
5 First crusade was a campaign to free the ___________.
6 Local officials the Normans depended on to keep order.
8 Henry II appointed circuit ____, who traveled across the country hearing cases.
10 King Henry II established _________ law.
12 Jury that decides whether an accused person was guilty or innocent.
13 Holy War.
14 Became czar of Moscow when Ivan III came to power.
17 Crowned king of England after the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
20 One of the southern Slavs groups.
21 Continent that the crusades affected in several ways.
33 Parliament's job was to make laws and ________ the king.
34 William the Conqueror kept his soldiers loyal by giving the knights _____.
35 Religious group that Saladin united against the Christians.
36 Region named for the Norsemen who ruled it.
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