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Kitchen Utensils Crossword Puzzle

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Kitchen Utensils

10                                 11     12
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Across Down
6 A device used often in baking to save the baker's energy.
7 A type of baking tray used in the preparation of small cakes.
8 A type of knife used for butchering meat or people (according to Hollywood).
10 A machine used for warming up cold food.
13 The place where we store meat and vegetables.
16 Something we wear to avoid burning our hands.
1 What Americans and their lack of imagination call a spaghetti strainer.
2 Americans use it to open cans.
3 Something we used to remove liquid from a fruit.
4 A thing we use for mixing ingredients together.
5 A type of mallet used for flattening meat.
9 A machine used to weigh ingredients.
11 A pot which is most often used for boiling vegetables.
12 A utensil used for cooking using oil,butter and sometimes lard.
14 The machine used for every form of cooking.
15 A type of pan, popular in asian kitchens.
17 A metal object most commonly used with cheese.
18 A utensil used for turning hot foot over.
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