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Land And Water Forms Crossword Puzzle

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Land and Water Forms

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Across Down
2 a large stream of water flowing in a certain direction
6 a deep valley with steep sides often carved by a stream or river
8 a large mound of earth usually taller than 2,000 feet
11 an area of land completely surrounded by water
12 a small, narrow body of water
13 a hill or ridge made of sand that is shaped by the wind
14 a funnel-shaped hole in the ground that water can drain into and collect in
1 a low area of land between mountains
3 a mountain with an opening at the top through which lava can flow
4 a slow-moving and frozen block of ice made from falling snow
5 a low area of land next to a river that can flood
7 a low, watery area at the mouth of a river that is filled with pieces of soil that flow down from the river
9 a mound of earth smaller than a mountain
10 an opening in the Earth, usually in a hill or a mountain
14 a place where water flows from under the ground
15 a large boy of saltwater
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