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Leaves & More Crossword Puzzle

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Leaves & More

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Across Down
8 In a duplicated chromosome, what are the individual structures held together by a centromere
9 All plants go through this type of growth
13 What cell type is generally flexible
14 Leaflets that form sort of in a circle around the rachis
15 Adjacent cells to the sieve tube elements
16 What is a young leaf known as
17 What type of margin create more of a wavelike appearence?
18 This is on the outskirts of the centromere
19 What does RAM stand for
21 Stalk attachment for leaflets
22 Xylem and Phloem together are known as what?
23 What cell has perforation plates
29 Appear to be 'teeth' like structures on the leaf
30 Attaches the stalk to the leaf blade
1 Chloroplast, Leucoplasts, and Chromoplasts are known as what?
2 The space in between two leaves
3 It is at the base of a true leaf
4 One leaf per node
5 This is unwound DNA
6 What provides gas exchange in the bark
7 Where do stomata provide gas exchange
8 What does SAM stand for
10 Axillary buds create these
11 What is it called when leaves lack a petiole
12 3 plus leaves per node is indicative of what?
17 Leaf blade is divided into leaflets
20 Blade is in one continuous piece
24 Its function is to provide protection
25 This marks where a node is if there is no leaf
26 Many smaller leaf-like structures creating one leaf
27 What is indicative of a eudicot in terms of its venation
28 Leftovers from ancestors
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