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Life During The Civil War Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Life During the Civil War

                  M O D E R N                      
                      I       V                    
              C R O P S   G R E E N H O W          
                      T       L                    
                      A     B A R T O N            
                      N   L   Z                    
    P E A C E     H   C   E   Q                 B  
          U     C A V E R N O U S               R  
          M   R   B       S   E           F     A  
          M   I   E           Z           O     D  
          I N F L A T I O N       F   B O U N T Y  
T         N   L   S               E   A   R       B
H I R I N G   E   C O P P E R H E A D S           O
R         S   S   O               R   E C O N O M Y
E                 R                   B           D
E               O P P O S I T I O N   A N G E L    
                  U                   L            
              D I S T R I B U T E     L O O T      
              E           L                        
        N U R S E S     T O M P K I N S            
    D         E           C                        
  M I L I T A R Y         K     O                  
    X         T           A     N                  
      H U N G E R   H I N D E R E D                
              D     O     E   I   R                
                    M         O   A                
                    E         T   F                
                    S         E   T                
Across Down
1 Civil War is called the first ______ war because it required total commitment of resources.
4 South lost their agricultural products to marching armies.
5 Woman who spied for South by entertaining Union leaders in Washington, D.C.
6 Woman who became famous nurse for working with wounded soldiers.
8 Northern Democrats were in favor of negotiating this with the South.
12 Woman who saw the starving Confederates march to Antietam recalled their __________ eyes.
15 General increase in the level of prices.
17 Payment used to encourage volunteers to enlistments.
20 Person in North could avoid draft by ________ a substitute.
21 Northern Democrats were nicknamed this after a poisonous snake.
22 ________ of the South suffered the most from the war.
23 War efforts of the Union and Confederate governments faced ______________.
24 Clara Barton, because of her courage, became known as the ______ of the battlefield.
25 Word that means to give out which women did with food, clothing, and medicine to the troops.
27 Mob did this which means to break into stores and steal or plunder.
28 Doctors initially did not want women _____ because they felt the work to delicate for them.
29 Woman in South who established a hospital for soldiers in Richmond, Virginia.
31 Jefferson Davis proclaimed _________ law and suspended habeas corpus because of opposition to the war.
33 Soldiers deserted because they did not have enough food.
34 Rebel soldiers were greatly _______ by a lack of food and supplies.
2 Northerners saw the war from a ________ because most of the war was fought in the South.
3 Cuban woman who disguised herself as a man and fought for the South.
7 Part of the camera that created a reversed, upsidedown image on the wet plate.
9 Woman from Alabama who nursed wounded in Corinth after Battle of Shiloh.
10 Guarantees accused individuals the right to a hearing before being jailed.
11 Photographer who took photos of camp lives and deaths of soldiers.
13 New weapon that fired with greater accuracy than muskets of earlier wars.
14 Number of days the riot lasted in New York City.
16 Soldiers deserted because they were scared or what they observed in battle.
17 Game soldiers played in camp.
18 Person in North could avoid draft by paying government _____ hundred dollars.
19 Woman who informed Confederate generals of Union army movements in Shenandoah Valley.
25 Leave without permission.
26 ________ of Southern ports caused severe shortages of essential goods.
30 Woman who organized women as military nurses.
32 ___ of eleven Union and ___ of eight Confederate soldiers deserted their armies.
34 South lost the places where they lived to marching armies.
35 Mob in New York City _______ over the draft.
36 Confederate Congress passed this law to deal with declining enlistments.
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