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Life OF Christ Crossword Puzzle

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Life of Christ

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Across Down
2 Even those who ______ God must date their attacks upon Him, A.D. so and so, or else so many years after His coming.
3 How did the _______ of the East know of His coming? Through the many prophecies circulated through the world by the Jews as well as through the prophecy made to the Gentiles by Daniel centuries before His birth.
5 The Romans were so fearful about a king who would rule the world that King ________ ordered all children born the year which was pinpointed by the prophets of the Messiah's birth to be killed.
6 With the exception of Jesus Christ, all the others just came along and said, 'Here I am, believe me.' Christ alone said 'Search the writings of the __________ people and the related history of the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans.'
7 The _________ was first and cast its shadow back to His birth. He went from the known to the known, from the reason of His coming manifested by His name 'Jesus' or 'Savior' to the fulfillment of His coming: His death on the Cross.
9 Once the fulfillment of these prophecies did historically take place in the person of Christ, all prophecies in Israel ceased and the sacrifice of animals was discontinued because the true Paschal Lamb had now been ___________.
10 Amongst several predictions are included the ___________ birth of the Messias; the prophecy of Isaias about the patient sufferer who will lay down His life as a guilt-offering for His people's offences.
12 If any one of these men actually came from God, the least thing that God could do to support His claim would be to ___________________ His coming.
13 __________ was the goal and fulfillment of the life of Christ. Few of His words or actions are intelligible without reference to His Cross.
15 All of the Old Testament prophecies have found their ____________ in Christ.
18 There must be some permanent tests available to all men, civilizations, and ages by which they can decide if any or all of these _____________ are justified in their claims.
21 He presented Himself as a _____________ rather than merely as a Teacher.
22 From an historical point of view alone, here is _____________ which sets Christ apart from all other founders of world religions.
23 Not only were the Jews expecting the birth of a Great ______, a Wise Man and a Savior, but Plato and Socrates also spoke of the Logos and of the Universal Wise Man 'yet to come'.
24 Socrates, Confucius, Lao-tze and ___________ had no one to pre-announce them, their message, or any details of their lives.
1 If one searches out the various ________________ currents in the Old Testament, and compares the resulting picture with the life and work of Jesus Christ, one cannot doubt that the ancient predictions point to Jesus.
3 Throughout history, thousands of men have claimed that they came from God including Buddha, Confucius, Lao-tze, Jesus Christ, and _________________.
4 If God sent anyone from Himself, or if He came Himself with a vitally important message for all men, it would seem reasonable that He would let men know when His ______________ was coming and other details of His life.
8 A second __________________ fact is that once He appeared, He struck history with such impact that He split it in two, dividing it into two periods: one before His coming, the other after it.
11 What separates Christ from all men is that first He was expected; even the _________ had a longing for a deliverer, or redeemer.
14 If God did not do this then __________ tells us that there would be nothing to prevent any impostor from appearing in history and saying 'I come from God'.
16 A third ______ separating Him from all others is this: every other person who ever came into this world came into it to live. He came into it to die.
17 By the extent to which the messenger conformed with these announcements, one could judge the _______________ of his claims.
18 With ________ it was different because of the Old Testament prophecies. His coming was expected because there were predictions about Him.
19 Reason and ____________are the two tests because everyone has reason even if they have no faith and everyone lives in history.
20 This fact alone distinguishes Him from all other _________ leaders.
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