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Louisiana Purchase Crossword Puzzle

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Louisiana Purchase

Important Vocabulary for the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis & Clark Expedition

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Across Down
1 nation that owned the Louisiana Territory
4 Leader of the Louisiana Territory expedition
6 island located in the Caribbean
8 Ultimate goal of the expedition
9 land feature that prevented transportation of goods
12 reason we wanted to control the Mississippi River
14 name of major river involved in Louisiana Purchase
15 believed in a strong US government
16 Mountain range crossed by Lewis and Clark
17 government keeps out of the economy
18 Expedition in southern Louisiana Territory
20 treaty negotiator in Spain
21 sent to France to negotiate buying New Orleans
25 A long journey to a place never travelled before
28 Meriwether's co leader
29 travelled with Livingston to France
30 Place where two river systems run in opposite directions
31 Amount of land US increased by
2 when people seek a new government
3 leader that lost his head
4 name of territory bought
5 Interpreter for Lewis and Clark
7 believed in states with more power
10 Mountain named after expedition leader
11 Official name of the expedition
13 major city in Louisiana Territory
19 Name of the river Lewis and Clark followed
22 leader that sought control of the world
23 a country that wanted power in US
24 President during the Louisiana purchase
26 leader of a slave revolt
27 New area Zebulon Pike explored
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