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Love And Marriage Crossword Puzzle

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Love and Marriage

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Across Down
3 She really likes him. She has a ____________________ on him.
5 They are engaged. He is her ____________________.
6 She's not married, but don't call her a ____________________.
7 His best friend is going to be his ____________________ at his wedding.
9 When is he going to ____________________ the question
10 She's getting married. She will be a beautiful ____________________.
11 Her sister will be her ____________________ at her wedding.
13 He asked the bride's brothers to be his ____________________ at their wedding.
14 Tomorrow is their ____________________. They will have been married for 15 years.
18 He spent a lot of money for her ____________________.
19 All of her friends from school were her ____________________ at her wedding.
20 He's not married. He's still a ____________________.
21 The bride wore a white ____________________.
23 After the ____________________ they will be married.
24 Part of the ceremony includes the bride and groom exchanging ____________________.
26 The groom wore a ____________________.
27 She fell head over ____________________ in love with him.
28 It's a civil ceremony. They hired a justice of the peace to be the wedding ____________________.
1 The ____________________ walked beside the flowergirl and carried the rings.
2 They wrote and exchanged their own ____________________ for their wedding.
4 After the reception they are going on their ____________________.
8 The wedding is tomorrrow and the groom is nervous. He's got ____________________ feet.
11 They have a ____________________. Now they can get married.
12 They finally tied the ____________________. They got married in Las Vegas last week.
15 They are going to be married. They just announced their ____________________.
16 The ____________________ showed us to our seats.
17 If he thinks a girl is cute he will try to ____________________ with her.
22 They are engaged. She is his ____________________.
25 After the wedding there will a ____________________ with dinner and dancing.
29 The ____________________ tossed flower petals down the church aisle.
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