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March Madness Crossword Puzzle Answer

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March Madness

For the basketball enthusiast

                      A     U                
              W E D G I E   R       S W I S H
                      R     N       H        
                      B     O     R O C K    
        G             A     V       T        
        O       M     L     E       C        
        N     D O U B L E D R I B B L E      
        G       V                   O        
        A     M I S S E D S H O T   C        
        Z       N                   K E Y    
      H A R R Y G I L E S                    
                V         F                  
                I         L   D       T      
  F R E E T H R O W S     O   A     P R E S S
                L         P   Y       A      
V I L L A N O V A         P   T       V      
                T R I P L E D O U B L E      
                I         R   N       L      
                O       B         B   I      
                N A T H A N H A L L   N      
                        N         O          
                  P I R A T E S   C          
                        N         K          
                      K A N S A S            
                    P   C                    
                  L A Y U P                  
                    S   T                    
Across Down
3 When the basketbball gets stuck between the rim and backboard or you force your little brother's pants up really high while he's wearing them
4 A shot which goes through the net without hitting the rim
5 Slang for the ball
8 To use 2 hands to touch the ball
9 A player retrieves the ball after a __________________
10 The painted area referred to as 'The Paint'
11 The #1 player in the country from Duke University
15 Shaq is the worst at these
16 the defensive stragety where the defenders guard the opposing team full length of the court instead of waiting on the opposite side for the offense to come across
17 #1 team in the Big East
18 'I scored 14 points, had 10 rebounds, and 16 assists'
21 The local high school that has the #1 nationally ranked player.
22 the mascot for Seton Hall
23 The team that is predicted to win the championship
25 A shot taken close to the hoop usually when a player is moving toward the basket
1 A loss of possession OR small fruit pie
2 To shoot at the basket that misses everything - including the rim, backboard, or net
4 The game timer requiring a shot to be released before time expires
6 The top school of the west located in Eastern WA
7 If the police stop you for speeding and issue a ticket
12 Reggie Miller was (one) of the biggest _______________ of all time
13 #1 team in the Ivy conference
14 To hold the ball while running or walking
19 A wide curving cut, as opposed to a cut that is straight OR the shape of the cut on my
20 When a defensive player stops an offensive player from making a shot
24 To throw the ball to a team mate
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