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Martin Van Buren Crossword Puzzle

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Martin Van Buren

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Across Down
3 What did Van Burens Wife die from?
4 The Amisted incident, which took place during the Van Buren Administration, was made into a movie in the 1990's. Who played Van Buren in the movie?
5 Martin Van Buren's ancestors came from what country?
6 During whose administration did Van Buren Die?
9 What nickname did Martin Van Buren get, which stuck with him during his political career?
10 A boreder diputed between Canada and the US that took place during Van Buren's presidency in 1839 is better known as what?
13 In the presidential election of who did Van buren support?
16 Who was not mentioned in Martin Van Buren's Biography?
17 President Martin Van Buren did not speak English as his first language growning up as a child in Kinderhook, New York. What was his native language?
1 In 1848, which political party nominated Van Buren for President?
2 What was Van Buren's martial status when he entered the White House in 1836?
3 Martin Van Buren is a third cousin, twice removed, of what future US President?
7 Who was sent into make peace between Canada and the US?
8 Van Buren had 5 living childern. What was there gender
11 How long did Buren Serve as a Governor New York?
12 Who was Van Buren trying to help win the Election when he became the govenor?
13 An uncleared candidate recived electorial votes for president in , the year Van Buren was elected president. Who was he?
14 The frilly clothes and bows that Martin Van Buren wore gave him what kid of apperance?
15 Was Martin Van Buren a Democrat or Republican?
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