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Meat And Poultry Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Meat and Poultry Terms

                          F       U                          
                    N     R       N                          
                    E   M E A T   I                          
                    T     E       T                          
                    W     R       P O U L T R Y              
                    E     A       R                          
              G R A I N   N   W   I     C                    
      E             G     G   P   C     U                    
      L   B       W H O L E S A L E C U T S                  
      A   R         T   E                                    
      S   I             S A L M O N E L L A                  
      T E N D E R C U T S                       M            
      I   N             T                       U            
      N   I   C H O I C E B E E F               S            
          N             N                   F   C            
          G     C   M E D I U M R A R E     M   L            
              T O M     E                   I   E            
                L     P R O C E S S E D M E A T S            
          P     L       C       E       E     O              
          R E T A I L C U T S   L   O   C     T              
          I     G       T       E   R   H   M A R B L I N G  
M E D I U M     E     U S D A   C   G   A     L              
          E     N               T   A   N     P              
          B         M Y O G L O B I N   I   G R A D I N G    
          E                     E   I   C     I              
          E       W E L L D O N E   C   A     C H E M I C A L
          F                     F       L     E              
Across Down
4 Edible muscles of animals.
5 Any bird raised for food
6 Lengthwise direction of the muscle.
11 Large cuts of beef that is sold to retail stores.
13 1/4 of all chickens carry this.
14 Beef rib, loin, and sirloin
16 Less marbling than prime.
19 Internal temp. is 145
20 Male turkey
21 Bacon, ham, and cold cuts.
26 Small cuts of beef sold to consumers.
28 Small white flecks of fat in the muscle tissue.
29 Internal temp. is 160
30 Grades meat.
31 The oxygen is stored in a reddish pigment called __________________.
32 ______________ is voluntary and paid for by the producer.
33 Internal temp. is 170
34 Adding acidic compounds like tomato juice, vinegar, lemon juice, etc.
1 Birds that have access to the outdoors. Usually have less fat because they move more.
2 Usually the cost per pound in poultry.
3 Weight of the poultry.
7 Mandatory inspection across state lines.
8 Slice or portion from a specific part of the animal.
9 Tough, elastic, and yellowish connective tissue found in ligaments and blood vessel walls.
10 Method of increasing the water content of the poultry prior to cooking.
12 Chuck, stew meat, and brisket.
15 Protein rich tissue made of long, thin cells grouped together in bundles.
17 Requires that all meat shipped across state lines be inspected for wholesomeness or healthfulness before they are slaughtered.
18 Thin, white, transparent connective tissue found in tendons.
22 Least amount of marbling.
23 Grinding, pounding, and cutting.
24 Price of package.
25 Highest and most expensive grade.
27 Raised w/o chemicals that can harm you or the environment.
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