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Memory Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 retrieve information from memory
10 a split second holding tank for all sensory information
11 old information gets in way of new
13 self doubt is a which leads to anxiety and in turn interferes with ones ability to retrieve info from memory
14 memories of how to do things
15 recollection of events that happened in your life/when those events took place
16 someone w/ highly developed memory skills
17 used to explain & describe mental processes human mind takes in info, organizes and stores it to be retrieved later
19 deeper and more meaningful processing of new data
21 ability to remember the things we have experienced, imagined, & learned
22 information gets mixed up with other info thus becoming harder to remember
24 by having a desire to learn and practicing the given material it helps to your memory
25 sounds that target memories
27 things that can't be remembered from the past
28 visual images
33 memories for fears
2 ability to remember words & sounds
3 a limited capacity involved in the conscious processing of information that briefly stores items up to 30 seconds
4 reproduce unusually sharp & detailed images of something one has seen
5 seeing things that bring back memories
6 repeating things over & over
7 identify the target from possible targets
8 vivid memory of certain events/incidents surrounding even after long time has passed
9 organizing items into familiar, manageable units
12 new information gets in way of old
18 techniques a person can use to help them improve their ability to remember something
20 process of repeatedly verbalizing/thinking about a piece of information
23 auditory image
26 states that unless we keep using something we have remembered, it will eventually go away
29 processing of information into the memory system
30 an unlimited capacity of organized information stored to be permanent
31 a system of temporarily storing & managing the information required to carry out complex cognitive tasks
32 preserves some characteristics of our senses pertaining to a visual experience
34 automatically there/unintentionally retrieved
35 portion of LTM that has personal meaning (more like a diary)
36 memory for information we purposefully committed to memory/intentionally retrieve
37 portion of LTM that stores general facts & info (much like a dictionary/encyclopedia)
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