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Men OF The Old Testament Crossword Puzzle

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Men of the Old Testament

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Across Down
3 Israelite general who led his people in a march around Jerico.
5 Became next in charge beside the king due to his wisdom and faith.
7 Oldest patriarch recorded in the Bible.
10 Wisest king with the most wives who changed is belief.
12 Son of Abraham and Sarah and father of Jacob.
14 Created from the dust of the earth and commited the first sin.
15 Patriarch who obeyed Yahweh and left his homeland to become a father of a great nation.
16 Prophet who called fire down from heaven to consume a sacrifice.
18 Gave up a royal life to later lead his people out of bondage and slavery.
19 Judge and prophet who anointed the first two kings of Israel.
20 Built a boat directed by Yahweh to save his family.
1 First king of Israel.
2 Old testament Israelite prophet known as 'the prophet.'
4 Old testament Israelite prophet callled the 'weeping prophet.'
6 Killed a large enemy and later became king of Israel.
8 Diciple of Elijah who received a double portion of the Holy Spirit.
9 Became father of a nation and therefore his name was changed.
11 Used his strength to fight against his enemies and lead his people.
13 First murderer in the Bible who killed is brother.
17 Sold into slavery but later was able to save his family from hunger through dreams.
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