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Mental Factors Crossword Puzzle

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Mental Factors

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Across Down
7 Approach to develop decision making
8 the ability to completely focus your attention on something for a period of time
9 It refers to the state of mental preparedness for participation in an activity
11 Approach to develop level of Arousal
12 The ability to consistently perform at the top of your skill level and talent regardless of the competitive circumstances
14 an action or process of choosing a preferred option or course of action from a set of alternatives
15 When you imagine yourself carrying out your performance
17 This is when a performer talks positively during practice to eradicate a weakness identified in the game
1 Method of gathering data on decision making
2 a combination of the drive within us to achieve our aim
3 Can impact on performance if low
4 Method of gathering data on Mental toughness
5 Method of gathing data for Level of Arousal
6 You may feel as though you are choking, you want to run away, cannot move your body in ways that you want
7 Approach to develop Mental Toughness
10 Medals, grades, praise, teacher/parent expectations
13 Method of gathering data on Mental Factor
16 sense of achievement, enjoyment, pride
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